Narje Massage Auburn MA



Narjé Massage and Wellness is a heart-centered, client focused massage therapy practice devoted to holistic healing, preventative care and to providing exceptional massage and bodywork services. Located in Adairsville, Georgia, our mission is for clients to see holistic massage therapy as part of a personal health and wellness program, not just a luxury.

Whether working through a chronic pain pattern or in need of deep relaxation and rejuvenation, our goal is to personalize each client's experience by fostering a vibrant and continuing sense of well-being. Customized treatments are tailored to promote a deep level of relaxation and healing.

We invite you to visit us today and start experiencing the amazing benefits of massage!



Experience a deep sense of peace and well-being with our Signature Massage, find relief from chronic tension and pain with our CBD Pain Relief Massage, or try something new like our Synergy Hot Stone or Cupping Massage.


Relax, balance and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit with our aromatherapy massage for a deep sense of balance and harmony leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed. 


A gentle method of holistic healing to soothe, balance and realign body, mind and spirit.  A subtle energy flow to help facilitate healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 


Enhance your experience by adding one (or more!) of our select upgrades to your next massage. Experience the soothing warmth of synergy stones, a luxurious foot scrub,  a healing bamboo back massage or a detoxifying body brushing.